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Sunday Apr 22
TV ONEch 1
4:55 The Celebrity Chase
Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Today, Linford Christie, Tyger Drew-Honey, Sarah Harding, and Nina Wadia, attempt to win thousands of pounds for charity.
6:00 1 News
The nation's leading team of journalists brings viewers the latest news and sport, plus the most comprehensive weather report.
7:00 Hyundai Country Calendar
Tonight, a dairy-Farming family overcome new challenges when they move to a coastal farm north of Kaikoura, with weather extremes, unpredictable market prices and a massive earthquake.
7:30 Sunday
Lorraine Downes was an ordinary teenager, until she was crowned Miss Universe. Tonight, we sit down with Lorraine for an exclusive interview about life behind the scenes.
8:00 Coast New Zealand
New Season: Coast New Zealand is back once more, and the third series kicks off in the world's southern-most capital city - Wellington.
9:00 Bancroft
New Series. Trusted, adored and respected by her colleagues, Elizabeth Bancroft has given her life to the police force, however Bancroft is not all she seems.
10:05 Seven Types of Ambiguity
New: a gripping psychological mystery told from the shifting perspective of six characters following a chain of events triggered when a child is taken and relationships are thrown into crisis.
11:15 When We Go to War
New Series: Set on the eve of WWI this landmark local drama tells the story of six young men and women, full of hopes and dreams and plans for the future, whose lives are about to change forever.

12:15 Q+A
Join the Q+A team to find the answers to the questions that matter.
1:25 Attitude
New: We follow tetraplegic Claire Freeman as she makes her modelling debut on the international catwalk of Milan Fashion Week. She's the only Kiwi to represent inclusive fashion.
1:55 Emmerdale
Paddy and Chas go public; Pollard is evasive; Moira is on edge.
3:55 Infomercials
TV2ch 2
5:30 The Amazing Race
Racers travel through Bahrain, where a contestant misplaces a passport; scorpions are on the menu for racers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
6:30 The Big Bang Theory
S1 E12 When Leonard and Sheldon meet a 15-year-Old physics prodigy, Sheldon is distraught that this boy genius is younger and smarter.
7:00 Survivor New Zealand
Premiere: the world's toughest game returns. a fresh batch of Kiwi castaways spending 40 days on an unforgiving island in Thailand, only one will take home the title of Sole Survivor and $250,000.
8:30 Boy
Smash hit New Zealand film Directed by Taika Waititi, and introducing breakout star James Rolleston as Boy, an 11-year-Old child and devout Michael Jackson fan.
10:10 Time After Time
Jack the Ripper flees the 19th century in a time machine, created by writer H.G. Wells. When the police come knocking, Wells must travel to modern-Day Manhattan, find Jack and bring him to justice.
11:10 Deliver Us from Evil
Tells the story of a New York police officer and unconventional priest Mendoza who join forces to investigate a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes.

1:25 Emerald City
A tornado occurs while Dorothy searches for her mother, and the storm transports Dorothy to a mystical land where she finds a soldier with amnesia.
2:10 Infomercials
2:45 Significant Mother
S1 E7, E8 Nate hires a temporary bartender who looks remarkably like Jimmy when Lydia forces him to give Jimmy the night off.
3:05 Red Band Society
S1 E5 the truth about Charlie's accident comes out, while Nurse Jackson crosses a line in order to keep her promise to him.
TV3ch 3
5:30 Towies
When things go wrong on Australia's dangerous coastal highways, the three-Generation family business, Clayton's Towing, and their team of hardened towies step in to clean up the mess.
6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
7:00 Minions
Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world. (2015)
8:55 The Internship
Old-School salesmen Billy and Nick try to reboot their careers by joining Google's fiercely competitive internship program, with hilarious results. Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. (2013)
11:10 Chicago Med
Two warring brothers are brought together when one desperately needs a kidney. Meanwhile, a teen with a genetic condition is treated. S2 Ep8

12:10 Entertainment Tonight Weekend
A wrap up of the biggest entertainment stories of the last week.
1:00 Infomercials
6:00 The AM Show
Join Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson for news, the best interviews and plenty of laughs. Fast-Paced, informative and fun, it's everything you need to start your day.
5:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the experienced team of reporters bring you the daily news, featuring local, national and international stories from a Māori perspective.
6:00 Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau
Ngā Waru Pūmanawa. Kahurangi Maxwell returns home to Ōhinemutu to meet kaumātua Pihopa Kngi to discuss Whānau, Te Reo and the life style of those who live in the pā.
7:00 Funny Whare - Gamesnight
Stacey Morrison hosts this hilarious bilingual game show. Jay Wanakore, Maurioho Stokes, Scotty Cotter and Niwa Whatuira are tonight's contestants.
7:30 WWE Smackdown
Weekly, in-ring flagship program with a compelling blend of athleticism and entertainment, featuring the high-Flying action of WWE SmackDown Live Superstars.
8:30 A Perfect Day
(AO) a group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone. (2015) (PREMIERE)
10:25 Ipukarea
Exploring the physical and spiritual significance of our waterways. Tonight, we look at the importance of waka culture.
10:55 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the experienced team of reporters bring you the daily news, featuring local, national and international stories from a Māori perspective.
11:25 Māori Television
Māori Television specialises in the stories of Aotearoa. be entertained and informed with news, current affairs, sports, drama, documentaries and much more. Go to for more inf

6:30 Tākaro Tribe
An entertaining show for kohanga reo tamariki, focusing on the Māori vowel sounds, noun usage and the spelling of base words in Te Reo.
PRIMEch 10
5:30 Prime News
Join the Prime News team first at 5.30pm, for all the day's top current events, sports news and to see how the weather is in your region.
7:00 Storage Wars: New York
In Amityville, Candy and Courtney do a little camera work of their own while looking for vintage. Later, Joe P works on his golf swing and has some antiques checked out.
7:30 Prime Planet: Coast Australia
On Gabo Island, Emma Johnston witnesses a secret method for growing unusual pearls in wild abalone. in Callala Bay, Tim Flannery uncovers the lifesaving properties of seaweeds.
8:30 Midsomer Murders
S19 Ep5. a young girl slips away from a Jane Austen weekend dressed in period attire, and is later found stabbed in the woods. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter to look back in time to find the killer.
10:30 60 Minutes
60 Minutes investigates San Francisco's leaning tower of lawsuits, the Millennium tower. Then, Steve Kroft sits down with an ex-British spy who leads a double life as a famous author.
11:30 English Premier League
Prime looks at the best bits of the week's English Premier League games, with highlights of England's top division football teams battling it out to be the champions.

12:30 Prime
Prime's regular programming returns at 6am with the best drama, factual, lifestyle and comedy shows, plus free-to-Air sport! Check out for details.
6:00 Avatar: The Last Airbender
The world is divided into four nations, each represented by a natural element, and only the Avatar can master all four elements to save the world from the Fire Nation.
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