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Tuesday Oct 27

Program Reminders

can email you when your favourite programs are coming up.

Register your email address then select one or more programs from the list below and/or enter a search pattern of keywords then Save Your Reminders. In the wee hours of the morning Program Reminders scans todays and tomorrows listings and if your program name or a program with your keywords in its title is found, an email will be sent to your email address listing the matched programs including channels and start times.

To register for reminders or load your saved reminders, enter your email address and press 'Register or Fetch your Email'
There are 332 registered users

Highlight this weeks programs in the dropdown box here.
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(choose the top blank row to clear your programs)

Enter keywords or phrases into the textbox below.
Enter full progam names or words that will appear in a program title.
Ensure your search entries are seperated by commas. (This is Important !)
example: csi,discount,who,rugby
 Receive email every day even if no program matches found.

Here is an example email that you would have received this morning for my examples mentioned above if they are on today or tomorrow
Example Subject Line...
Your Program Reminder with 2 matches

Example Email Body...
Your FreeTVguide Program Reminders
Your Keyword Reminders
csi, discount, who, rugby
The Matched Programs
Date Time Channel Program
Today Tue 27th 11:00am PRIME Whose Line is it Anyway?
Tomorrow Wed 28th 11:00am PRIME Whose Line is it Anyway?

Unsubscribe Instructions
To stop receiving reminders and have your email address automatically removed from the system, first you must fetch your email address then clear your programs by choosing the blank entry at the top of the select box then to remove your titles or keywords from the text box above then press the Save Your Reminders button, this will not only clear your reminders but also delete your email address completely from the system, you will see the number of registered users shown above drop by 1, and when you hear about a program or see shorts for something that you don't want to miss, you can pop back here to this page and re-register again to get a reminder email the morning before and on the day its on.

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