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Saturday Jan 16
TV ONEch 1
9:00 Emergency Call
PG Across a 12-hour shift, we follow the unsung heroes - the call takers, who are the first point of call in an emergency and can often make the difference between life and death.
9:30 Tagata Pasifika
Tagata Pasifika is TVNZ's flagship Pacific news show, telling the stories of Pacific Islanders and their community. Made with the support of NZ on Air.
TV2ch 2
9:05 Ninjago
Fun LEGO series. Sensei Wu recruits four Ninjas, including Kai, a young sword-Maker looking for his sister, and trains them for a specific task.
9:15 Pickle & Peanut
The boys reminisce with their classmates about the time they found a sand elf; L'il Pickle gets terminal hiccups, so the duo joins Lazer's bobsled team to win money for a cure.
TV3ch 3
6:30 Infomercials
9:30 Better Homes and Gardens
We get an exclusive look into the everyday lives of the BH&G team: from their families to their homes, their passion projects and everything in between. S24 Ep20
8:30 Pūkana
Award-Winning children's Maori language show Pūkana, bringing laughter and fun to children in New Zealand and around the world.
9:30 Kōrero Mai
A unique mix of education & entertainment, Kōrero Mai teaches Māori in an easy and fun way using drama, as well as a tutorial each week to maximise learning.
PRIMEch 10
9:00 Samurai Jack
PG-V Samurai Jack must battle in a dystopian future ruled by the man who destroyed his father's empire, the wizard Aku.
9:25 The Greats
Neil Armstrong
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