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Monday May 27
TV ONEch 1
1:00 Coronation Street Catch-Up
Liz buys Jim's story, but Steve remains unconvinced. Tyrone is gutted that Evelyn won't stay, and Adam is taken aback by Toyah's apparent liberal attitude.
2:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show
Comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres brings her unique brand of humour to her Emmy Award-winning talk-Show. Today Ellen is joined by Tom Hanks.
TV2ch 2
12:05 Judge Rinder
Studio courtroom show in which criminal barrister Robert Rinder rules on real life cases.
2:05 Will & Grace
Will, Grace, Karen and Jack decide that they will do the one thing they should do before dying - Grace will train and run a marathon and...Will wants to have a baby with Grace?
TV3ch 3
12:30 All New Dr. Phil
New Episode. Amy says her 20-year-old son, Jai, is a 'rageaholic ticking time bomb' and worries he will seriously hurt someone, especially since he recently purchased a semi-Automatic rifle.
1:30 Dancing with the Stars NZ (Encore)
New Episode. to celebrate the release of the new Rocketman film, the stars dance to your favourite Elton John hits. #DWTSNZ
1:00 Haka Life
Follow Ngā Tūmanako to the Tāmaki regionals and experience what it's like to live that "Haka Life".
1:30 Shear Bro
There's a heatwave in Dannevirke as Main Shear comes to a close. Punga's under pressure at the cafe and Aria's crews get ready for the biggest shearing event in NZ, Golden Shears.
PRIMEch 10
12:40 Ed
Carol ends things with long-Time boyfriend Nick after realising he's not fun enough for her. Meanwhile, Ed represents an attractive woman whose car salesman boss is suing her.
1:35 Married with Children
Bud's attempts to study for his finals are thwarted by sex.
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