New Zealands Favourite Free TV Guide
Sunday Aug 20
TV ONEch 1
8:00 Praise be
Chris Nichol Presents a Programme of Hymns and Worship Songs from Throughout New Zealand.
8:30 Attitude
Meet Nick Chisholm is a Body Builder Whose Body is Paralysed. He's Got Locked-in Syndrome, and He's One of the Most Charismatic Men You'll Ever Meet.
9:00 Q+A
Q+A Presents Hard-hitting Political News and Commentary. Keep Up to Date with What is Truly Going on in New Zealand.
10:00 Marae
Your Window to the Maori World, Telling Stories Through Maori Eyes and Keeping Abreast of Current Events and Issues Impacting on Maori Here and Around the World.
10:30 Waka Huia
She Learnt the Art of Taiaha and Haka in Whareponga, a Remote East Coast Village, and Travelled the World. Hinetu Dell Reveals Why Both Men and Women Should Fulfil the Roles on the Marae.
11:00 Neighbourhood
Api Fifita is our Guide to the Picturesque South Island Town of Oamaru, a Town Where Tongan is the Second Most Widely Spoken Language, After English.
11:30 Coronation Street
Phelan Wants to Strike a Deal with Anna, David and Kylie Try to Hide What Lies Beneath, and Will Tracy Smash Nick's Dreams?

12:50 Pets: Wild at Heart
From Talkative Budgies to Wall-climbing Cats and Diving Dogs, This Revealing Two-part Documentary Investigates How our Favourite Pets Get in Touch with Their Wild Side Through Play.
1:55 Collectaholics
Eddie is Crazy for Miniature Bottles of Booze, But His Collection Has Become An Unruly Cocktail, So Jasmine Goes to Visit to See If She Can Help Organise Over 3000 Bottles.
3:00 Around the World with Manu Feildel
After a Short Flight from Kolkata, Manu Arrives in Hong Kong, and is Keen to Get Started with His First Cooking Experience in This Fast-paced City.
4:00 Alphabetical
Quiz in Which Contestants Answer Questions Based Around Letters of the Alphabet. Their Aim is to Win a Jackpot That Increases in Size Each Time it Isn't Won. Hosted By Jeff Stelling.
4:55 The Celebrity Chase
Emmerdale's Dominic Brunt, Dancer Wayne Sleep, TV Presenter Charlotte Hawkins and Actor Ricky Tomlinson Take on One of Britain's Finest Quiz Brains in a Bid to Win Thousands of Pounds for Charity.

6:00 1 News
The Nation's Leading Team of Journalists Brings Viewers the Latest News and Sport, Plus the Most Comprehensive Weather Report.
7:00 Hyundai Country Calendar
The Cowboy Way: Three Family Members Use Natural Horsemanship Methods on Their North Canterbury Farm and Compete Against Each Other in a New and Fast-growing Sport, Cowboy Challenge.
7:30 Sunday
Miriama Kamo Presents Sunday, Award-winning Investigations Into the Stories That Matter, from a Team of the Country's Most Experienced Journalists.
8:30 The Replacement
New Series: S1 E1 Ellen Gets Pregnant After Landing a Big Contract for Her Firm of Architects. She Hires Paula as Cover But Soon Fears She's Made a Terrible Mistake.
9:45 Prime Suspect: Tennison
New Series: Jane Tennison, the Detective Made Famous By Helen Mirren, Returns to Screens as a 22-year-old Investigating Her First Murder Case in This Prime Suspect Prequel.
10:45 Jekyll and Hyde
S1 E4 Maggie Has Developed Sepsis, and Robert and His Friends Work to Find a Cure. Garson Makes An Unexpected Discovery About the Jekyll Family's Curse.
11:40 Q+A
Q+A Presents Hard-hitting Political News and Commentary. Keep Up to Date with What is Truly Going on in New Zealand.

12:50 Attitude
Meet Nick Chisholm is a Body Builder Whose Body is Paralysed. He's Got Locked-in Syndrome, and He's One of the Most Charismatic Men You'll Ever Meet.
1:20 Red Rock
The Chief Suspect in Adrijan's Hit and Run Case is Brought in for Questioning.
3:25 Infomercials
6:00 Breakfast
Start Your Day Off Right with Hilary Barry, Jack Tame and the Breakfast Team, Bringing You the Latest in News, Sports and Weather.
9:00 Dickinson's Real Deal
Flamboyant Antiques Expert David Dickinson Helps People Sort the Treasures from Their Trash and If They're Lucky Turn Them Into Cash in Their Pocket.
TV2ch 2
8:00 What Now?
Dreams Are Coming True in the What Now Studio Because Lil J is Granting Lotte's Wish of Being a TV Presenter! It's Also Big Ups Day So There is Kindness and Compliments Galore!
10:00 Shortland Street
Jack Hopes His Faith Isn't Misplaced. Leanne Takes on An Unexpected Role. Esther is at the Mercy of An Impostor.

12:30 The Bachelorette
Jojo Gives Wells the First Date This Week, Hoping to Give Their Relationship a Chance to Blossom. and Later, a Tense Rose Ceremony Gets a Surprise Ending.
2:30 Regular Show
After Mordecai and Rigby Ruin C.j.'s Luxury Camping Tent, They Have to Get Part-time Jobs to Raise Enough Money to Buy Another One Before a Camping Trip.
2:40 Blackish
Bow and Dre Seek Help with the House and Kids, But Dre's Hesitant to Hire a Black Nanny Despite Her Desire to Care for the Whole Family.
3:10 Home and Away
Maggie Asks Ben to Reconsider the Renovation Plans After Bonding with Leah, Irene and Marilyn; Scarlett Discovers the Reason Behind Justin's Rejection; Kat is Jealous of Tori.
5:10 Escape from Planet Earth
Famed Astronaut Scorch Supernova Finds Himself Trapped By Evil Forces on the Distant 'dark Planet'

7:00 All New the Simpsons
Marge Consults Parenting 'experts' for Advice When She Suspects That Bart is Heading Down the Road to Failure.
7:30 Little Big Shots
Skilled Children Include a Singer Who Became a Internet Sensation, a String Quintet, Sibling Magicians and a Spunky 5-year-old Performer.
8:30 John Wick
An Ex-hit Man Comes Out of Retirement to Track Down the Gangsters That Took Everything from Him. Starring Keanu Reeves.
10:30 Quantico
The Trainees Learn About Enhanced Interrogation Techniques When Owen Puts Himself in the Hot Seat; and Shelby Goes Undercover. Meanwhile, in the Future, a New President is Sworn In.

12:10 Dc Legends of Tomorrow
S1 E15 RIP and Rory Become Very Disturbed from Being in the Vicinity of the Time Masters; Sara Seizes the Wave Rider; Kendra and Carter Reunite.
1:40 The 100
Season Finale: S3 E16 in the Season's Epic and Mind-bending Conclusion, our Heroes Begin to Face the Reality of Their Tragic Situation as Everyone Prepares for a Final Showdown.
2:30 Infomercials
3:00 24: Legacy
S1 E2 When Ben Grimes Demands Money in Exchange for the List He Seized from a Safe Box in Khalid's Compound, Carter Must Go Back to His Roots to Help Obtain the Money.
3:50 Ellen
S4 E2 Ellen's New Boss, Ed, Arrives and She Thinks He's Great, Until He Hangs a Deer Head on Their Office Wall and Decides to Fire Joe.
4:10 It is Written
4:40 Supergirl
S1 E11 Hank is Confronted By His Painful Past When a Member of the Alien Race That Wiped Out His People Kidnaps Senator Miranda Crane. Meanwhile, Cat's Estranged Son Arrives in National City.
5:30 Infomercials
6:00 Creflo Dollar
Dr. Creflo Dollar Ministers to People from All Backgrounds with Hopes for Change. Creflo Helps Viewers Find Ways to Renew Their Faith, Mind and Spirit.
6:30 Sesame Street
There's a Fiesta on Sesame Street Celebrating Latin Culture and Language.
6:55 Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig is a Loveable Cheeky Little Pig, Who Lives with Her Brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Her Adventures Always End Happily with Louds Snorts of Laughter.
7:00 Littlest Pet Shop
Penny Ling Tries to Boost Sunil's Confidence By Telling Him He Possesses Superpowers. Elsewhere, Blythe Looks for a Place to Park the Sweet Delights Vehicle.
7:25 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Randy and Howard Come Across a Sorcerer's Ball on a Field Trip to Little Norrisville.
7:50 The Day My Butt Went Psycho
When the World's Best Lymerickologist Comes to Mabeltown, Nothing's Going to Get Between Zack and His Hero. Then, Zack Has His Mind Blown When Paige Asks Him to the Prom.
8:15 Disney Junior: Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Sheriff Callie and Peck Must Rescue Toby and One of Santa's Reindeer from a Group of Rustlers in Order to Save Christmas.
8:35 Disney Junior: Miles from Tomorrowland
Miles' Grandparents Join the Callistos to Celebrate the Lunar New Year.
TV3ch 3
8:00 Living Church of God
8:30 Turning Point with David Jeremiah
9:00 R & R
New Episode. Every Day it Feels Like We Are Staggering Towards An Apocalypse - All Brought on By Ourselves. is Aotearoa a Good Bolt Hole for Surviving Planetary Disaster? S2 Ep17
9:30 The Hui
Mihingarangi Forbes Presents a Compelling Mix of Current Affairs Investigations, Human Interest and Arts and Culture Stories.
9:55 The Nation
Hosted By Lisa Owen, the Nation is An In-depth Weekly Current Affairs Show Focusing on the Major Players and Forces That Shape New Zealand.
10:55 Both Worlds
Today: New Episode. Poet Mohamed Uses His Creative Expression to Confront His Mental Health Demons, While Bravely Opening Up to His Family. S6 Ep4
11:20 Testing the Menu
Nic Takes on the Great Kiwi Bbq, Putting a Japanese Twist on Three BBQ Favourites and Taking to the Streets to Find Out Which Dish is a Crowd Pleaser. S1 Ep4
11:40 Thirsty Work
New Episode. We Weed Out the Best and Brightest When it Comes to Gifted Grape-growing Talent in New Zealand's Young Viticulturist of the Year Competition. Who Will Emerge the Victor in 2016? S1 Ep8

12:05 Entertainment Tonight Weekend
A Wrap Up of the Biggest Entertainment Stories of the Last Week.
1:00 CRC Motorsport
Motogp is the Premier Motorcycle Racing World Championship; An Eighteen-race Series Visiting 14 Countries, and Four Continents.
1:01 World Rx Canada Rnd8
Rallycross Combines All the Great Aspects of Motorsport Racing in One. It's Fast, Competitive and Spectacular. It's Bold, Authentic and Relatable.
2:00 MotoGP Rnd11 Austria
The 2017 Premier Motorcycle World Championship Sees the World's Most Skilled Riders Race in An Eighteen-race Series, Armed with Cutting-edge Motorcycle Technology.
3:00 Summernats 30 - Part Four
More Than 2500 of Australia's Toughest Modified Cars Will Deliver High Octane Extreme Auto Action Including the World's Biggest and Best Burnout Battle, Horsepower Heroics, and More.
4:00 Monster Jam 2017/9 - Fs1 Championship Series: Florida
Monster Jam Features the Biggest Performers on Four Wheels: Monster Jam Trucks! the Three-metre Tall, Five-ton Machines Make for Perfect Sports-entertainment, and Action-packed Viewing.
5:00 Big Angry Fish
New Episode. Nathan Has Gone Solo with His Flyrod - and the Big Snapper in the Shallows Better Look Out! S6 Ep4

6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm Presents Comprehensive Coverage of Global and Local News.
7:00 The Block NZ
New Episode. the Teams Dig Deep to Complete the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom. and Which Space Will be Crowned the Best in the Eyes of the Judges? S6 Ep33
8:35 X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Ultimate X-men Ensemble Fights a War for the Survival of the Species Across Two Time Periods in X-men: Days of Future Past. Starring Hugh Jackman, James Mcavoy, and Jennifer Lawrence.
11:05 Westside (Encore)
New Episode. Bert is Deceived and Destroyed. Rita Proves There's No Fury Like a Woman Scorned, and Wolf Ups His Game. S3 Ep6

12:05 The Night Manager
New Episode. Roper and His Team Return to Cairo for the Deal, Reuniting Pine with An Old Enemy. S1 Ep6
12:55 Infomercials
5:30 City Impact Church
6:00 The am Show
Join Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson for News, the Best Interviews and Plenty of Laughs. Fast-paced, Informative and Fun, It's Everything You Need to Start Your Day.
9:00 The Cafe
Hosts Mike Puru and Mel Homer Bring a Fun, Fast Paced Local Lifestyle and Entertainment Show with Cooking and Special Guests Daily.
11:40 Māori Television
Māori Television Specialises in the Stories of Aotearoa. be Entertained and Informed with News, Current Affairs, Sports, Drama, Documentaries and Much More. Go to Www.maoritelevision.com for More Inf
10:00 Whanau Bake Off
It's a Bake-off of Two Halves Today with Professional Rugby Players Portia Woodman and Renee Wickliffe in the Kitchen. International Chef Robert Oliver Judges the Outcome and Shares a Very Tasty Tip
10:30 Sidewalk Karaoke
Te Hamua Hits the Streets of Aotearoa in Search of Karaoke Talent Who Have What it Takes to Win Cold Hard Cash. (R)
11:00 Native Affairs
Led By Host Oriini Kaipara, the Award-winning Current Affairs Team Investigate Regional and National Stories from a Maori Perspective, as Well as International Indigenous News. (R)
11:30 Both Worlds
Iraqi Migrant Ali is Frustrated with the Stereotype of Arabs as Terrorists and Sets Out to Create a Photography Series That Will Challenge the Kiwi Public.

12:30 Death Threat
Māori Men's Health Series Hosted By Buck Shelford with New Zealander of the Year 2014 Dr Lance O'sullivan and Hereni Marshall. (R)
1:00 Hamu & Tofiga
A Crack Up Comedy Variety Series That Showcases Māori and Pacific Humour Hosted By Crazy Comic Duo Te Hamua Nikora and Tofiga Fepulea'i. (RP)
1:30 Voices of our Future - Voof
The Group Isn't Happy with Its New Song, Wairua. They Work All Night to Rewrite it Before Turanga Arrives the Next Morning. He Has a Challenge of His Own for Everyone, Then It's on to the Studio to St
2:00 Hoiho
The Awaroa Sports Day Held Near Kawhia is a Highlight for the Locals and Those Reviving Horse Sports in the District. (R)
2:30 Hunting Aotearoa Best of Series
(AO) Showcasing the Very Best Bits of Hunting Aotearoa, with the Well-known Hunters, Wildest Catches and the Inside Tips and Tricks. (R)
3:00 Tangaroa with Pio
Pio Terei Explores the Domain of Tangaroa in Fun-filled Fishing Expeditions Around Aotearoa. (RP)
3:30 Haka Life
A Behind-the-scenes Look at the Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Ngā Tūmanako Kapa Haka as They Journey to Te Matatini 2017. (RP)
4:00 Te Hikoi Māhanga
Whitianga Doesn't Provide the Māhanga with the Best Waves But Whangamata is Better and the Pair Do Their Bit to Keep it That Way, Meeting with the Anti Whangamata Marina Lobby Group. (R)
4:30 Moko Aotearoa
Gordon Meets His Client, a Medical Doctor from Hungary Who is in Aotearoa on a Working Holiday. Meanwhile Richard Travels to Tauranga to Complete Antoine Coffin's Puhoro. (R)
5:00 Waka Ama Sprints 2017
Extensive Coverage of the 2017 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals from Lake Karapiro Including Behind the Scenes Stories and Profiles.

5:30 Nga Tangata Taumata Rau
Kahurangi Maxwell Returns Home to Ōhinemutu to Meet Kaumātua Pihopa Kingi to Discuss Whānau, Te Reo and the Lifestyle of Those Who Live in the Pā. (R)
6:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective.
7:00 Vodafone Warriors
Exclusive Coverage of the Vodafone Warriors Games 2017. Tonight: Warriors v Rabbitohs.
8:30 The Bicycle Thief
A Hollywood Classic Set in Post-wwii Italy. a Working Class Man's Bicycle is Stolen So He and His Son Set Out to Find It. Stars Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola and Lianella Carell. (1948)
10:05 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (R)
10:35 Māori Television
Māori Television Specialises in the Stories of Aotearoa. be Entertained and Informed with News, Current Affairs, Sports, Drama, Documentaries and Much More. Go to Www.maoritelevision.com for More Inf

6:30 Takoha
Artists from Around Aotearoa Share Stories with Tamariki.
6:40 Ngā Pāpara Kapi
In Order for Spring to Officially Arrive, the Bubble Guppies Must Grow a Flower for the Spring Chicken.
7:00 Penguins of Madagascar
The Daily Adventures of Penguins Living in New York's Central Park Zoo. (R)
7:30 Pūkana Pod 1
The Best Bits from This Award-winning Childrens Māori Language Learning Series.
7:40 Huritua
Pokaihau Makes a Protein Shake Using Different Types of Natural Proteins.
7:50 Pāia
Waioira and Rereahu Dive Head First Into a Giant Rolling Ball and Challenge One Another to See Who Can Master the Zorb.
8:00 R & R
As We Approach Elections, What Are the Expectations and Hopes of the Different Generations Regarding Politics and Governance? Guests: Emilie Rākete, Kingi Snelgar, Raniera Harrison.
8:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (R)
PRIMEch 10
7:30 Hour of Power
Religious Programme.
8:30 Beyond Today
Religious Programme.
9:00 Impact for Life
Religious Programme.
9:30 Life TV
Religious Programme.
10:00 Running with Fire
Religious Programme.
10:30 Sport Box
Missed All the Water Cooler Chat This Week? Join Prime as We Highlight the Past Week's Local and International Sports for Passionate Kiwi Fans.

12:00 Hot Bench
'judge Judy's Latest Creation Adds a New Dynamic to Courtroom Disputes, with not One, But Three Judges Exchanging Lively Debate Before Rendering a Verdict on the Hot Bench. (R)'
12:30 University Challenge
'victoria Were Among the Front Runners in 2014 But Fell in the Semi-finals. with a Fresh New Team, Will They Start Strong This Year, or Will Massey Outsmart Them? (R)'
1:00 Robot Wars
'in This Addictive Series, Competing Teams of Amateur Robot Designers Build Robots to Fight to the Death in An Arena, Battling Each Other and the Dreaded House Robots. (R)'
2:00 Bondi Rescue
'an Emotional Finale Episode, with a Mass Rescue in Backpackers as a Man Disappears Out of Reach. Plus Hoppo Ties the Knot! (R)'
2:30 Masterchef Junior USA
The Top Six Junior Home Cooks Face the Restaurant Takeover. the Pint-sized Chefs Will Complete a Full Appetiser and Entree Service for Patrons of a High End Restaurant. (R)
3:30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby
Toyota Grassroots Rugby Showcases Club Rugby Matches and Stories from Some of the 600 Rugby Clubs Throughout New Zealand.
4:30 Rugby Nation
Tune in for Rugby Nation as We Bring You Highlights of the Latest Action from the Weekend.

5:30 Prime News
'join the Prime News Team for the Latest from New Zealand and Across the Globe, First at 5.30pm.'
6:00 Escape to the Country
'each Episode a British Couple or Family, Fed Up with the Rat Race of City Life, Search for the Perfect Country Home While Exploring the Beautiful and Unique Surroundings of Each Location. (R)'
7:00 Storage Wars
'the Buyers Hit Torrance for Tough Competition Over Only a Few Quality Lockers, Where Brandi is Forced to Face Her Fears When Jarrod Gets a Locker Sure to Give Her Nightmares. Pgr'
7:30 Planet Earth II
'go Behind the Scenes with the Crew of Planet Earth Ii, Who Filmed the Series Over 2089 Days, and See Just How They Captured Some of Those Unbelievable Shots That Took our Breath Away. G'
8:40 Top Gear
'matt Leblanc Drives An Eight-wheeled Rescue Vehicle from Russia, Rory Reid Turns the World's Ugliest Car Into a Luxury Yacht, and Chris Harris Reviews the New Porsche Cayman. Pgr'
9:45 60 Minutes
'scott Pelley Talks to Syria's First Responders, While Steve Kroft Reports on the Countries Offering Citizenship for a Price. And, Learn How Chess is Inspiring Kids in Rural Mississippi. Pgr'
10:45 Stand Up Guys
'when Doc (Christopher Walken) Picks Up His Old Friend Val (Al Pacino) from Prison, with Orders to Kill Him, He Has to Figure Out a Way Out of His Dilemma Before His Time Runs Out. (R)'

12:45 Prime
'prime's Regular Programming Returns at 6am with the Best Drama, Factual, Lifestyle and Comedy Shows, Plus Free-to-air Sport! Check Out Primetv.co.nz for Details.'
6:00 The Legend of Korra
'the Passionate, Rebellious and Fearless Teenaged Korra is the Next Avatar, and It's Up to Her to Keep Republic City Safe from Physical and Spiritual Evil Forces. G'
6:25 Henry Danger
'13-year-old Henry Hart Finds Himself Helping Captain Man as His Sidekick, Keeping the Secret from His Family and Friends. (R)'
6:50 Kid vs Kat
'coop's Life is Turned Upside-down When His Little Sister Brings Home a Stray Cat, But Coop is Convinced That the Cat is An Alien Bent on Taking Over the World! (R)'
7:15 Grojband
'corey, Laney, Kin and Kon Have Their Own Indie Rock Band, and When They Lack Inspiration for Song Lyrics, the Diary of Corey's Sister Trina Always Has Just What They Need! G'
7:40 League of Super Evil
'armed with a Whole New Approach to Badness, Follow Four Bumbling Super Villains Who Have Set Their Sights on Total Neighbourhood Domination! (R)'
8:05 Johnny Test
'johnny Test Wittingly Plays Test Subject for His Genius Twin Sisters' Various Experiments, Reluctantly Fighting Evil Villains Along the Way. (R)'
8:30 Sanjay and Craig
'the Always Odd, and Often Gross, Adventures of a Young Boy Named Sanjay Patel and His Talking Pet Snake Craig. (R)'